Hero Dog Sacrifices Himself To Save His Entire Family From Thieves | True story

Hero Dog Sacrifices Himself To Save His Entire Family From Thieves | True story

'Hero' dog saves owner
'Hero' dog saves owner
This is a true story and it happened to me :

I had an old German Shepard who had turned up as a stray around 1 year earlier. We had taken him in and given him much love during that time.

Shockingly we were getting ready to scale back to a Condo that was 750 square feet from our huge home. Max, the GS, was not going to have the option to accompany us. He just wouldn't fit in. We were caught up with searching for another home for him. 

After a long, extremely bustling day 1, The house had a problem with the water network
, as most houses here was worked over the carport to take into consideration water if there should arise an occurrence of high water. 

I woke up about 1:30 am and went down the stairs to get a beverage.

I looked at the front window to see Pickup truck parked in front of my car garage.

3 men began to get out going to the entryways. This was awful. Do I call the cops? Will they arrive in time??? How would I secure myself? Max remained beside me crying and attempting to get to the entryway. Abruptly I realized what to do. I got Max's rope and put it on him. I opened the front entryway, flashed the outside lights a couple of times and let Max out on the means. I held the chain and he let out a couple of barks. The 3 men turned and took a gander at Max and I swear their feet didn't contact the ground as they hustled to their truck. They spun out in the street attempting to escape! 

Max made the move with us and experienced his mature age for an additional 3 years before we said our last farewells.

I will consistently cherish him and miss him! He was an extraordinary canine! 

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