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Why do dogs bark at night for no reason

Why do dogs bark at night
Why do dogs bark at night

Why do dogs bark at night for no reason

It's already late. It's bedtime. You just snuggled under the covers, turned off the lights, and put your phone on silent. Time to sleep - but unfortunately your dog sees it very differently. It's just beginning.

If your dog's barking and whining is keeping you up at night or, even worse, waking you up many hours before the alarm clock actually goes off, you're not alone; it's one of the most common issues to fix in your relationship with your dog.

Most of the time, it's a problem that has a simple and often accidental origin: at some point, without realizing it, you've taught your dog that barking and whining will get your attention, no matter the time of day or night. Unfortunately, undoing this is not that easy.

Why is your dog barking at night

The most important thing right away: Why did your dog get used to this frustrating and sleep-depriving behavior? Dogs bark and whine for a variety of reasons, most commonly to alert the family to an unwanted disturbance or danger, fear, or to get attention.

Isolation anxiety, fear of being alone, fear of being trapped, or fear of being in a crate can be a cause of nighttime barking, but for many dogs the problem lies elsewhere:

 You once allowed your dog to sleep in your bed, but now he's not allowed to

You recently adopted a puppy who hasn't learned to sleep through the night yet

You tried to calm your barking dog by walking over and petting it or letting it out of its assigned area  (e.g. a crate).

Of these three examples, it is scenario 3 in particular that applies to most dogs. When you go to your dog to calm or soothe him because he is barking at night, you are essentially teaching him that barking and whining will make you come. And once your four-legged friend has learned this lesson, he will not soon forget it.

Unless there's really a good reason to put your dog in another room, playpen, or crate at night (e.g., because your puppy isn't housebroken yet), it's perfectly fine to have him in your bedroom or even yours letting the bed sleep

If you allow your four-legged friend to sleep with you, you will not create bad habits and therefore will not contribute to more separation anxiety.

Some studies suggest that letting your dog sleep in your bed can actually make you sleep better, and not just because it stops barking or whining.

Sometimes the simplest solution to the problem is exactly what you've been secretly hoping for all along: falling asleep comfortably with your dog by your side.

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